2 - 4 - 6 h


from €84

Can you imagine the feeling of climbing the walls of Cagliari Castle, in the heart of the ancient city, among the rays of the sun and the view of the sea extends to the horizon? At the entrance of Cagliari’s Public Gardens Park, you can enjoy an open-air gym where qualified instructors, trained with passion and experience, will accompany you along the route, whether it is your first time or as an experienced climber. It’s more than climbing, it’s a vertical journey into the beating heart of Cagliari.

Having this experience you will be able to test a mini climbing course of your choice among these 3:
↟ mini course in style: 2 h climbing with style on rope & bouldering and you can concentrate on the climbing technique, improving the efficiency of movement and balance
↟ mini course in safety: 4 h rope climbing learning to be autonomous in safety, to use the equipment, the safety of the climbing partner and the progression techniques
↟ mini course in style + in safety: 6 h climbing, both of the 2 courses

Remember to bring only two things with you: the desire to climb and have fun!

Ingredients: courage, adrenaline, balance & freedom. Are you ready to mix them and see the result?
Benefits: climbing improves concentration and balance, helps you deal with anxieties and fears, and is a great stress reliever
Dedicated: to those who want to improve technique and balance by becoming autonomous in safety


↟ 2-hour minicourse divided into 1 or 2 days
↟ 4-hour minicourse divided into 2 or 4 days
↟ 6-hour minicourse divided into 4 or 6 days
↟ All the essential equipment for climbing safely: helmet, harness, rope, climbing shoes, belay device.
↟ Instructors qualified by FASI certification (Italian Sports Climbing Federation)


↟ 2-hour minicourse
Adults and children aged 3 years and over: 1 person €84 – 2 people €120 – 3 people €144 – 4 people €180
↟ 4-hour minicourse
Adults aged 18 and over: 1 person €168 – 2 people €240 – 3 people €300 – 4 people €324
↟ 6-hour minicourse
Adults aged 18 and over: 1 person €216 – 2 people €324 – 3 people €384 – 4 people €420
↟ Min 1 – Max 4 participants
↟ Languages: Italian – English
↟ Location: Public Gardens of Cagliari
↟ The opening hours vary periodically, as they take into account the natural rhythms of the day and the different seasons of the year. The wall is exposed to the East, so it will have the sun in the morning until 1pm and will be in shade for the rest of the day


↟ Reservation: within 24h before the experience
↟ Deposit: at booking time
↟ Balance: at experience time
↟ Free cancellation: within 24h before the experience
↟ Cancellation with full payment: less than 24h before the experience

from €84 per person